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Plant Tissue Culture

The Tissue Culture technology provides unique opportunity to rapidly multiply the elite types in vegetative propagated plants. A whole plant can be regenerated from a small tissue in a suitable culture medium under controlled environment. The plantlets so produced are called tissue culture raised plants. These plantlets are a true copy of the mother plant and show characteristics identical to the mother plant.



We are one of the most reliable companies in this domain and are into offering Yelakki, G9, Musa Paradisiaca and much more  Banana Tissue Cultured Plants.  Our process consists of five important steps: Initiation, Multiplication, Shooting & rooting, Primary Hardening in green houses and Secondary Hardening in shade houses.


Despite the significant commercial value of this crop, the main production constraint is the availability of healthy, quality, quantity and safe planting material within a short time. The planting materials obtained through conventional methods do not meet the increasing demand for planting and they are poor quality and yielding


Plant tissue culture of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni): Plant tissue culture is a technique used for in vitro regeneration of plants. It relies on maintaining plant cells in aseptic conditions on a suitable nutrient medium. Various tissue culture methods to get mass propagation of S. rebaudiana are reviewed and are produced in a healthy environment.

Budded Rose

The genus Rosa contains more than 1400 cultivars and 150 species, which are grown for rootstocks, curiosity value and striking floral display. Rose is one of the most important commercial flower crops used in the floriculture and cut flower industry throughout the world


Cultivation of shoot apical meristem in vitro is known as meristem culture. Meristem culture was developed by Morel and Martin in 1952 for elimination of rivers from Dahlia. The present study was conducted for dahlia plants propagation by direct and indirect organogenesis methods.


Ananas comosus, commonly known as pineapple, is a fruit that is endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture to be economically important to our land. Tissue culture may be used as an additional method of propagation to supplement traditional methods to increase productivity.

Advantages of Tissue Culture raised plants:

» Disease Resistant Plants

» Round the year availability

» Less field mortality

» Uniform growth & with high yield plants

» Increase productivity

» Less harvesting period

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