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Crop management practices for the safe use of salt-affected soils and saline water primarily consists of growing suitable salt-tolerant crops, managing seedbeds, and grading fields to minimize local accumulation of salts. We provide services like soil management, improving irrigation efficiency and soil, water, and salinity monitoring for assessing leaching and drainage requirements.

We Fine-tune your farming operation by better utilizing the latest precision technologies. We provide information on planter and yield monitors as well as management platforms for nitrogen, irrigation, guidance, and spraying. We also take care of the complete Crop Management. 

Important crop management consideration includes;

» Appropriate crop genotypes for satisfactory yield under existing and predicted saline conditions.
» Appropriate planting procedures to minimize salinity near the vicinity of seed.
» Maintaining soil water at relatively high levels for plant growth.
» Appropriate soil management such as tillage, ploughing, sanding, and chemical amendments, mineral fertilizers,
» organic   manures, and mulching toimprove soil organic matter and increased soil percolation.
» An efficient water distribution system and irrigation scheduling. 


Open field cultivation is the conventional method of farming dating back to the middle ages. When using the land like this, you have to take care of the soil, sow seeds or plant transplants by yourself, and protect them from until harvest. At Indian Horticulture, we also provide Open Field Cultivation to our wide range of customers who are in need of this type of Cultivation.


Poly House farming is a way of protected cultivation in agriculture. The polyethylene plastic is used to cover the structure. It enables to cultivate high-value crops (horticulture) in the structure. Cucumber, Tomato, Strawberry, Bottle Gourd, Cabbage, Capsicum, Flowers, etc., can be cultivated in Poly House. At Indian Horticulture, we take precise methods to install PolyHouse Cultivation to your project.

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